Cody Construction has laid out a step-by-step plan of the home building process so each and every one of our clients have input and comfort in the construction phases of your dream home.

Design Phase

For some, the design phase is done with an independent architect, designer or draftsperson, while for others the design phase starts with Cody Construction.  But no matter what your design situation is, the experience behind Cody Construction is there to help you capture that perfect home design.

Pre-Construction Phase

Once we master the house design, we start the pre-construction process.  Several meetings will be held with Cody Construction team to discuss such issues as home placement on the lot, ideal grade of house and the selection of materials chosen for your dream home package.  Once finalized, a contract is signed and the permit applications are filed.

Foundation Phase

When the city/RM permits are cleared, construction of your new home begins.  The first phase of construction is the foundation.  Here at Cody Construction we ensure that our highly qualified foundation company pours a straight, level and square foundation that meets our high quality control standards.

Framing Phase

The framing stage of your home is exciting. For the first time you are finally seeing your dream come true.  Stud by stud your home is built.  This phase generally takes two to four weeks depending on the size, complexity and of course that unpredictable Saskatchewan weather.  Even though our framing workmanship is the highest of quality, Cody Construction has established a quality check point list to ensure your house walls, floor and roof systems are plumb, square and dimensionally correct.  All check point lists are completed the president.

Mechanical Phase

Once your home has been framed and the doors and windows are installed, the exterior finish begins outside while the mechanical rough-in begins in the interior of your home.  During this one to three week phase your heating, cooling, ventilation, plumbing and electrical is installed.  Again Cody Construction quality check points are done ensuring all rough-ins are properly located, installed, tested and functional.

Insulation and Drywall Phase

The insulation and drywall phase of your home is very important and is not rushed.  Following insulation and poly installation, Cody Construction quality check points ensure that your home has the highest R-value it can obtain with the clients chosen materials.  The drywall stage begins shortly after. Cody Construction’s standard is to install moisture board in all high humidity areas (e.g. rooms with tubs/showers) and concrete board and waterproof membrane in areas were tile is to be applied.

Trim and Finishing Phase

Here is where all the hours of decision making pays off!  This phase may take two to five weeks depending on the house size, materials and details chosen for your home but the end product is well worth the wait. Every time you visit your home during this phase, you will begin to recognize the home you designed and imagine the future you will create.  This phase includes the painting, interior trim, flooring, railing, cabinet, counter and plumbing fixture installations.  The mechanics are completed and tested for proper functioning.  At this point, two 3rd party inspections are done, one by the city/RM and the other by Progressive Home Warranty program.   These 3rd party inspections are done to ensure the quality is high and that all local and national codes have been met.

Final Phase

One week is needed for touch ups and a thorough cleaning is completed in your new customized home.  Outside, your yard is both cleaned and final graded.   Finally, that highly anticipated day has arrived and you walk up to the front door of your new home. You will be greeted by the president of Cody Construction who will walk you through the entire home to ensure the quality and expectations of your home have been met.  An orientation is also done to familiarize you with all mechanical systems in your home and ensure we have captured all aspects of your dream home. WELCOME HOME!

Welcome to our Family

Cody Construction offers an in-house warranty program in additional to our 3rd party warranty membership with Progressive New Home Warranty Solutions Inc.  We ensure your entire home is kept problem free for the first year under your possession, 2 year warranty for mechanical systems, 5 year foundation water penetration damage and 10 year structural defects.  Cody Construction has scheduled warranty visits to your home including a 6 month and 1 year visit.  But don’t worry, if you call us anytime between these pre-scheduled visits we will be there!  Welcome to the Cody Family.